CEI's custom hardware designs fit your high technology needs.


Since 2003, CEI has been designing
high performance board-level solutions for commercial, industrial and
military applications.

Ultra Complex PCB Design
Digital & Analog
Schematics, Layout & Manufacturing

Software and Firmware


From enterprise applications to low
level drivers and everything in between,
CEI’s software and firmware expertise
can help your technology realize its full potential.

Linux, Windows & More
Embedded to Cloud
VHDL, Verilog & OpenCL

Radar and RF Design Services


Starting a new project from scratch
can be very costly and time consuming.
Let us help you get your technology to market quickly and inexpensively.

Up to 340GHz
Manufacturing and Integration
Modeling and Simulation


Cutting Edge Board DesignCutting Edge Board Design

CEI has more than a decade’s experience developing world-class hardware, from ultra-complex, bleeding edge technology to low-cost, high volume solutions.

Modeling and Simulation

Designing new technology can be expensive. We can help reduce risk through modeling and simulation.

Advanced Radio Frequency (RF)

We’re not waiting for the next generation RF to be released; we’ve already made it: Antenna, digital and DSP design, UHF to 340GHz.


Software defined radios, WiFi extenders, custom designed switches…the possibilities are endless!

Remote Sensing and Sensor FusionRemote Sensing and
Sensor Fusion

State-of-the-art radar, lidar, electro-optical, inferred, time of flight and more.

Software and FirmwareSoftware and Firmware

Low-level drivers to enterprise level applications and everything in between…we’re platform and language agnostic.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

FPGAs, GPUs, X86, ARM, Power PC – however you want to accelerate it, we can help.

Mechanical DesignMechanical Design

Because hardware doesn’t package and keep itself cool.

About CEI

CEI Headquarters

CEI is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 2003, CEI has provided highly advanced engineering products and services on the leading edge of hardware, software, system, and sub-system design engineering.


CEI has been widely recognized by many Federal and State Government, commercial and industrial organizations for its outstanding achievements. Click on each logo below to learn more about CEI’s awards.

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Leading the Way in Engineering Innovation

CEI has partnered with industry leaders to provide solutions that improve performance, productivity, shorten time to market and reduce system costs.

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