CAES APD WILL translate your ideas into robust, deployable products.

Since 2003, the CAES APD team has implemented over 50+ complex board designs, 20+ system designs for commercial, industrial, automotive and military markets – land, sea, air and space. During this time, APD has gained significant expertise in manufacturing and production solutions. Utilizing contract manufactures for PCB fabrication and assembly, APD can support high-volume manufacturing support and production of sub-/systems, RF, analog, and digital solutions. 

  • Manufacturing Support & Production
  • Contract Manufacturing (CM) Management & Quality Testing
  • Component Selection, Production Cost Analysis & Schedule
  • Component Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Trusted Source of Supply Analysis 
  • Netlist, BOM & Artwork Generation 
  • Test Fixture Design, Support  & Training
  • Custom Tooling Design &  Support 
  • Packaging & Dropshipping 


Manufacturing and Production no label
  • High-Bay Area for Large Scale Systems
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • RF, Analog, Digital, Analog & Mixed-Signal Designs
    • Environmental Testing – Temperature & Humidity
    • Vibration & Shock
  • 3rd Party Certification Support
    • FCC, UL, etc.
  • Test Fixture Design & Implementation
    • High-Volume
    • Complex Testing
  • Commercial, Industrial, Automotive & Military Markets