To assure the quality of a product or sub-/system, test and evaluation must occur throughout the development cycle.

CAES APD’s expert design team knows how to be effective, and ensuring a solutions is going to work correctly starts at the component level and ends in the customer’s hands. We’d like to share our multiple-decades worth of experience testing complex solutions with you and your team.

  • Requirements Definition & Test Strategy
  • Modeling & Simulation 
  •  Testing
    • Components, Stand-Alone, Integrated Systems & Systems-of-Systems / Enterprise
    • Unit, Functional & Field
  • RF, Analog, Digital, Software / Firmware & Mechanical
  • Failure Analysis & Debug
  • Certification & Accreditation Support
  • Land, Sea, Air & Space Environments / Platforms


  • 46K sqft. Building
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Test Equipment Up To 240 GHz
    • Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)
    • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RSA)
    • Signal Generators (Sig. Gen.)
    • Vector Signal Generators (VSA)
  • 7-Axis RF Near-Field Test Capability
  • Micro- / mmWave Far-Field Chamber
  • High-Speed Digital Test Equipment
    •  PCIe, LVDS, SerDes & More
  • Multiple Environmental Chambers
    • Temperature & Humidity
  • Vibration & Shock Table
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • RF, Analog, Digital, Analog & Mixed-Signal Designs
    • Environmental Testing – Temperature & Humidity
    • Vibration & Shock
  • Pre-certification Testing & Analysis
  • Secure Open Hold Environment


CAES APD is a preferred design partner for the following industry leading technology solution providers – 

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