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The NVIDIA Jetson Platform

CAES APD partners with NVIDIA to revolutionize embedded high-performance computing, leveraging NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology, including Jetson, for unparalleled processing solutions. APD’s partnership offers unique benefits to Jetson platform developers, such as superior signal processing and response times, enhanced detection and analysis capabilities and robust real-time data transmission and analysis. Together, we are redefining the future of embedded computing, setting new standards in efficiency and performance.


  • Custom hardware and software solutions
  • High performance computing
  • Drivers to enterprise software development
  • RF and radar
  • Full production life cycle solutions


  • Digital, Analog & Mixed Signal Designs
    • RF-System in Package (RF-SiP) & Discrete Components
    • Analog-to-digital & Digital-to-analog Conversion Hardware & Software
  • Technology Agnostic
    • X86, FPGAs, GPUs, ARM, PPC & More!
  • Bleeding-Edge Components & Technology
  • Custom & Standard Form Factors
  • High Speed I/O
    • PCIe Gen 4, 100GbE, SerDes, LVDS, Etc.
  • Analog & RF Up To 340 GHz
  • Rapid Development
    • 38-layers, 10K Component Designs
  • Advanced Design Techniques
    • Blind-via, Via-in-pad, Micro-via
  • Power & Thermal Solutions > 600 W 
  • Ruggedized & High Reliability 
  • Industrial – Low-Cost / Design For Manufacturing
  • Space Design – Radiation Tolerant / Redundancy
  • Cyber & Anti-tamper

Our Expertise                                    

  • High-Performance Processor Solutions for embedded environments.
  • Specialization in RF to Digital Applications: Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Communications.

Leveraging NVIDIA’s Technology

  • Unmatched Processing Power: Single-processor solutions delivering substantial performance.
  • Efficiency & Speed: Advanced algorithms and complex data processing with minimal power consumption.

Impact Across Industries                             

  • Radar Systems: Enhanced detection and analysis capabilities.
  • Electronic Warfare: Superior signal processing and threat response times.
  • Communications: Robust, real-time data transmission and analysis.

Innovation and Collaboration                

  • Ongoing R&D in Next-Generation Embedded Solutions.
  • Future projects leveraging NVIDIA’s cutting-edge processing technologies.


  • Turn-key Solutions – Hardware, Software, Manufacturing & Integration
  • System & Board Level Architecture Specification
  • Component Selection, Production Cost Analysis & Schedule
  • Part Entry / Symbol Creation
  • Schematic Drawing / Capture
  • Power & Timing Analysis
  • Netlist, BOM & Artwork Generation
  • Tools:
    • Altium
    • Hyperlinx
    • AWR AXIEM & Microwave Office 
    • CST
    • SiWave – Power Analysis


NVIDIA Jetson X2 and X-Carrier

Get twice the performance and efficiency with Jetson™ TX2! It includes 8 GB of 128-bit LPDDR4 RAM at 58.3 GB/s (twice capacity/bandwidth of the TX1) and 32 GB of eMMC 5.1 (twice capacity of the TX1). Sold with X-Carrier board.


X-Carrier supports the high-powered NVIDIA Jetson™ TX2.  Auto power up is built in! Sold separately or with Jetson TX2.