The Systems AI Thinking Process (SATP)
for Artificial Intelligent Systems

  • Dr. James Crowder, CAES APD
  • Dr. Shelli Friess, School of Counseling, Walden University

Previous work has focused on the overall theory of Systems- Level Thinking for artificial intelligent entities in order to understand how to facilitate and manage interactions between artificial intelligent system and humans or other systems. This includes the ability to predict and produce behaviors consistent with the overall mission (duties) of the AI system, how to control the behaviors, and the types of control mechanisms required for self-regulation within an AI entity. Here we advance that work to look at the overall Systems AI Thinking Process (SATP) and the architecture design of self-regulating AI systems-level processes. The overall purpose here is to lay out the initial design and discussion of concepts to create an AI entity capable of Systems-Level thought and processing.

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