Warp II

Warp II logoFrom data ingestion to model & simulation; from radar processing to computational finance; and from cyber security to edge analytics, Warp II – the dual Stratix 10 eXtreme High Performance Compute Node (XhpcN-DS10) is the most versatile and highest performing FPGA accelerator card to hit the market!

The XhpcN-DS10 is designed to take on today’s data-intensive computing problems by incorporating two of Intel’s revolutionary Stratix 10 FPGAs, massive amounts of DDR4 and plenty of high speed I/O. With the OpenCL support included in the Board Support Package (BSP), Warp II can now be easily programmed without the need to dive down into complicated Verilog or VHDL code.


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  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Military
  • Broadcast
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurement


  • Dual Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs
  • Up to 264 GB DDR4 (132 GB per FPGA)
  • QSFP + 40/100GbE
  • PEX PCIe x16 Gen 3
  • Intel Max10 FPGA
  • Freescale K61 microcontroller
  • GPU-sized PCIe form factor

Stratix 10 FPGA

  • GX28OUF50
  • 96 XCVR
  • 1160 user I/O
  • 2.8M logic elements
  • 11,520 18×19 multipliers
  • Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53
  • 139 GB/s FPGA-to-FPGA
  • Memory Bandwidth: 19.2 x 8 = 153.6 GB/s


  • 4 GB Discrete
  • 4x RDIMM – 512 GB Max
  • 2400 MT/s
  • 19.2 GB/s


  • 40/100 GbE QSFP+ (25 Gbps x4)
  • mUSB – B
  • High speed cable connector (optional)-x8 SerDes (18 Gbps x4)


  • Freescale K61 mController
  • Intel Max10 FPGA
  • 1024 Mb Boot Flash per FPGA

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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 10.51 x 4.38 x 1.54 in