Nunn Perry Award

Colorado Engineering Wins Prestigious Nunn-Perry Award

Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI) is honored to be a 2011 winner of the Nunn-Perry Award, under the Department of Defense (DoD) Mentor-Protégé (MP) program in partnership with mentor company Ball Aerospace.

The award was presented to both companies for their accomplishments as a DoD Mentor-Protégé team. The esteemed Nunn-Perry Award, named in honor of former Senator Sam Nunn and former Secretary of Defense William Perry, was first awarded in 1995 to recognize outstanding Mentor-Protégé teams formed under the auspices of the DoD Mentor-Protégé program. The award honors teams who have demonstrated exceptional growth and development while contributing to the defense of this great nation.

Mrs. Nancy Scally, CEI’s Chief Executive Officer, along with CEI’s President and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Larry Scally, accepted the award at the annual Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Conference on March 2 at the Virginia Beach Conference Center in Virginia Beach, VA. “We are honored to be selected for the Nunn-Perry Award,” said Mrs. Scally, “The Mentor-Protégé accomplishments achieved in partnership with Ball Aerospace are propelling CEI forward to leverage our growing capabilities and technologies on emerging DoD systems. Our expanded infrastructure, including quality processes and controls, standards compliance, facilities and personnel security, is improving CEI’s position to support and manage deployed programs.”

To further sustain and support CEI’s steady growth and future goals, Ball Aerospace and CEI maintain a thriving partnership on three different radar programs for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy. CEI’s Protégé relationship with Ball Aerospace has enhanced its ability to grow into a more successful business, capable of priming larger government contracting opportunities, with benchmark certifications in quality management, expanded industry recognition, first rate facilities, and added employment opportunities.

CEI, with its exceptional engineering expertise innovating hardware, software and systems solutions, has seen constant growth and success over the past eight years. The CEI team has seen a progression of honors – most recently earning the SBA’s Tibbetts Award for its reconfigurable advanced rapid-prototyping environment (RARE) technology in support of DoD’s search for cutting-edge R&D projects.

“This award is another step in our efforts to better serve our customers and continue growth,” said Mrs. Scally. “Small businesses offer a great engine for growth. That means we can employ more people in Colorado Springs and the USA.”

Founded in 2003, Colorado Springs-based CEI is a leader in the research, development, and production of high-technology hardware, software and systems solutions. A “customer first” culture along with innovative approaches and an experienced engineering team enable CEI to create high-quality technological products while reducing cost and risk.