Artificial Intelligence Profiles for
Foundational Counselor Training Sessions

  • Dr. James Crowder, CAES APD
  • Dr. Shelli Friess, LPC, NCC, ACS, School of Counseling, Walden University

Training for practicing counselors involves training to help people learn to cope more effectively with mental health issues and developmental issues, along with life issues in general. Counselors are trained in a variety of techniques, based on the best available research and minimal standards based on professional accreditation. However, live training in the beginning, with actual patients is difficult since it is not practical to have counselors “practice” on people with actual psychological issues. Presented here is a proposed training system, called the “Cognitive, Interactive, Psychological Training System (CIPTS), which provides artificially intelligent profiles instantiated as “avatars for interaction with counselors,” based on a set of different personality profiles created by a team of leading counselor educators and represent a variety of psychological, social, and biopsychosocial1 health issues that can be used to help train counselors in a non-live, non-threatening environment, but yet valuable.

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