CEI-Owned Headquarters

CEI was founded in 2003. Its engineering and production facilities are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, very close to the US Air Force Academy. CEI’s engineering, lab, test and management spaces offer a professional environment within its 40,000 square foot facility, which includes offices, an electronics laboratory, an RF laboratory, a software laboratory, an environmental and production lab, and multiple conference rooms. Its facilities and equipment are sufficient to support the proposed development and integration tasks.

Exciting things are happening at CEI, including a new Hi-Bay area to be complete this month! This new area will include a 24-foot hanger door, new vibe table, brand new fork lift, and lots and lots of room.

Click through the gallery below for a closer look.

Tour our Facilities

The CEI team loves to show customers what our facilities has to offer: multiple, high-tech conference rooms, numerous lounges, two fully-stocked kitchens, workout facilities and massage room – and still plenty of space to allow CEI to continue growing its workforce.

We look forward to seeing you soon!