Skyline RF-UC

Skyline LogoSkyline RF-UC is a high power c-band up-converter applicable for commercial and military, communications, EW/SIGINT and radar. Its benefits include precision gain control, low power consumption, small, ruggedized construction, H=high output power up to 20 dbm, 40MHz IF input to c-band up-conversion and selectable c-band RF frequency outputs.




  • Commercial and Military
  • Communications
  • Radar


Product Benefits

  • Precision Gain Control
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Small Ruggedized Construction
  • High Output Power up to 20dbm
  • 40MHz IF Input to C-Band Up-Conversion
  • Selectable C-Band RF Frequency Outputs

IF Frequency Input 40MHz +/- 20MHz

  • Selectable Output Frequency = 5360.0MHz, 5405.0MHz, or 5450.0MHz
  • Gain = 0db to 15db (0.5db steps)
  • Input 1db Compression Point = +10dbm
  • Maximum Input Level = 20dbm
  • Spurious Outputs < -65dbc
  • Harmonic Output < -45dbc
  • Input/Output VSWR < 2:1

DC Requirements

  • 5Vdc Minimum Supply Voltage = 4.7Vdc
  • 1Vdc Maximum Supply Voltage = 20.0Vdc
  • Current Demand 430mA


  • HORIZON-RF-UC-C: Commercial Temperature 0°C – 50°C
  • HORIZON-RF-UC-I: Industrial Temperature -20°C – 65°C