Infineon 24, 60, 77 & 80 GHz Radar Sensor Engineering Design Services

We can help you create custom hardware and software to integrate 24, 60, 77 and 80 GHz radar capability into your design. CEI’s engineers are cross trained in systems (radar, EW, SIGINT, Communications, EM), RF, DSP/digital, FPGA, and software design. CEI has developed advanced radars and radar technologies for defense, commercial, industrial, and consumer applications for the past 10 years and employs several engineers with 30+ years experience in radar design, large (>50KW) to small (<1W). CEI’s engineers are highly skilled in trading variables such as Cost, Size, Weight and Power (CSWaP). While working with CEI, Infineon will assign an experienced radar systems engineer (RSE) to your project, who is responsible for the project’s birth to delivery and support. RSEs work with you to understand your unique sensor requirements, regulatory constraints, price points, performance objectives and production options. Your RSE can lead the entire project or supplement your team.


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24/60/77/80+ GHz Sensor Applications

  • FMCW Radar Kits
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Motion Detection
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Long & Short Range
  • Fluid Level Sensors
  • Container Level Sensors
  • Robotics Sensors
  • Imaging Radar
  • Occupancy Radar
  • Smart City
  • Smart Home



  • AWR RF simulation tools: Microwave Office, VSS, Axiem
  • Matlab simulation
  • AGI STK 3D simulation
  • Test equipment up to 67GHz, expandable to 300 GHz
  • Simple to complex antennas
  • CST antenna modeling expertise
  • Phased array, loop, dipole, monopole, etc.
  • Small Anechoic Chamber
  • Rotman Lens Beamformer
  • Butler Matrix Beamformer
  • Digital beamforming
  • DAC and ADC board design and characterization
  • Digital signal processing
  • Microcontrollers, PPC, x86, GPU, ARM, FPGA
  • 32 layer blind, buried, micro-via board design
  • Altium board design tools
  • Thermotron environmental chamber: temp and humidity testing

Core Compentencies

  • Electromagnetics (EM)
  • Antenna modeling & simulation
  • Radar systems engineering
  • Frequency planning
  • AWR VSS & model
  • Kalman filtering
  • Matlab modeling
  • Altera FPGA design
  • Xilinx FPGA design
  • ADC & DAC design
  • Microcontroller programming